All Steel Mid-Rise offers a true “turn-key” structural shell packages, eliminating any coordination and assembly confusion. All Steel provides cold-formed steel (CFS) structural solutions utilizing the highest quality products, at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the building code requirements. According to most building code requirements, wood framing is typically not permissible over 4 stories, and traditional red iron or concrete structures amass great weight and cost, therefore making CFS framing ideal for structures. All Steel's CFS framing solutions are permitted for mid-rise structural framing up to 12 stories, or 180 feet. Beginning with project specifications, engineering, and design flexibility, All Steel works closely with the contractor to ensure that the framing shell is successfully achieved within budget and on time.


  • Quick Installation; Crew of 8 Erects 6,000 SF per Week on Average
  • 50% Lighter than Typical Structures; Lower Foundation & Labor Costs
  • Sustainable; LEED Contributions, Recycled Content, Less Waste
  • Trade Friendly; Integrated Coordination & Management Process
  • Lower Insurance Costs; ≥$4/SF Less Over 10 Years, Comparatively to Wood
  • High Acoustical Ratings; STC Ratings Up to 58, IIC Ratings Up to 81
  • Design Flexibility to Conform to Project Budget
  • Non-Combustible; Third Party UL Test Data & Reports
  • Low Maintenance; Eliminates Call Backs, Resistant to Fungus & Mold
  • Off-Site Fabrication; Less Debris, Manpower, Equipment & Waste
  • Optimal for 4 - 12 Story Residential & Hospitality Mid-Rise Structures
  • Long Lasting Structural Integrity; Increased Resale Value


The All Steel Mid-Rise Timberless Systems are all non-combustible and among the lightest, yet strongest options available on the market today. Because All Steel Systems are lighter than traditional planks and slabs, construction requires less material and labor, resulting in less overall cost.

image showing the weight differences in concrete slab, precast planks and the timberless systems
diagram detailing cost savings when using cold formed steel compared to wood and concrete

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For submittals, LEED documentation, test data, or additional technical information, contact All Steel Mid-Rise.