Infographic: Lower Construction Costs with CFS

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April 2018

Framing generally accounts for 18% of total building construction cost, making cost savings in framing imperative to maintaining budget. When considering total cost of construction, cold-formed steel as a framing material results in significant cost savings comparative to wood and concrete framing solutions. As a superior building material, CFS framing lowers varying construction cost and allows for revenue to quickly be generated for a positive return on investment.

All Steel Mid-Rise panelized wall and floor system packages are guaranteed to meet the needs of your mid-rise project, while also providing significant project cost savings.

infographic on how cold formed steel lowers construction cost


All Steel Mid-Rise offers innovative Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) wall and floor framing systems for fully managed Design Build or Design Supply packages. The end result is a lightweight, long-lasting, and economical building shell package for Hospitality and Residential structures up to 12 stories.
The All Steel Systems


Shorter project cycles reduce interim financing cost, allowing for expedited building occupancy. Quicker completion results in owners collecting on tenant leases sooner.


Off-site manufacturing of CFS systems reduces on-site labor costs and improves quality control. Quicker turn over to follow-on trades.


CFS framing systems reduce total load, therefore saving cost on foundation. Strength-to-weight ratios of framing far exceed those of wood or concrete.


Builder's risk and property insurance cost savings are often greater than, or equal to, $4/SF less over 10 years for steel relative to wood. Disasters may be prevented by steel's non-combustible nature.


Increased durability generates significant maintenance cost savings throughout the building's lifecycle. No risk of termite damage or dry rot.


Shortened construction cycles lower costs of cranes and scaffold rentals needed to complete the project.