1122 W. Chicago
Chicago, IL
21,000 SF of Timberless 44
7 stories and a Penthouse

In the River West neighborhood of Chicago, new construction is underway at 1122 W. Chicago Avenue. The 97,000 square-foot space will include 97 luxury apartments, a two-story parking garage, and 21,900 square feet of commercial space. Amenities such as a fitness center and two rooftop patios are included in this $33 million mixed-use development in a bustling neighborhood.

The Critical Path

As is common with projects in large cities, this project, located directly between the corner of Milwaukee and Chicago avenues, had a very limited laydown area. Utilizing a prefabricated framing system like All Steel’s allows for the load-bearing prefabricated wall panels to be brought onto the job site only as they are needed, reducing the amount of materials on the site at one time, and making coordination with other trades more streamlined.

The second floor of the project features a steel architectural eyebrow on the corner. The rest of the floors build off of that, so All Steel needed to engineer specific strategies to overcome the design, working closely with the architect throughout the process.

The client had never utilized cold-formed steel framing, so they were completely new to the process. The project  team spent some time with the installer in order to ensure they understood the process, especially the benefits of the iSPAN system when installed appropriately. All Steel also ensured that best practices were being followed regarding the Timberless-44 system and lewis deck, starter strips within the joist, and full length decking to make the installation more efficient. 

Advantages to Using Cold-Formed Steel

All Steel Mid-Rise’s load bearing structural wall panels and Timberless-44 system were chosen for the building’s framing for various benefits to budget savings on a project. Cold-formed steel, as well as the building process utilized by All Steel, is a more efficient build, leading to quicker revenue generation for the client. Because of its structural integrity and non-combustibility, CFS is fire-rated and costs less to insure compared to lumber. This system is also a cheaper build than lumber, as wood pricing has skyrocketed over the last year. 

Additional benefits include crew consolidation and the sequencing of trades which are critical during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Timberless-44 system can be constructed with 12 men or less, making it the optimal solution for the unusual circumstances. Once in place, the iSPAN TotalJoist  portion of the Timberless-44 provides convenience for the MEP trades installation process with pre-drilled areas for quick installation. 

All Steel was able to construct 20,000 square feet in 10 days, while the standard guideline for panels and floor system is only 6,000 square feet a week. This CFS system allows for quicker dry-in, which is critical prior to the Chicago winter season.

When the ownership team of Global Builders was deciding how to build this new project, All Steel was able to offer an experienced perspective. Global made the decision to work with All Steel after seeing the quality of the panels and the precision of the build. Due to the project's overwhelming success, Global has selected All Steel Mid-Rise for an additional project nearby. 

As of November 2020, the 3rd floor panels and 4th floor joists are being set. The project is scheduled to be finished for occupancy in August 2021.

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