134 Baldwin Ave
134 Baldwin Ave. Jersey City, NJ
74,221 SF of CFS Load Bearing Wall Panels
Height: 8 Story, 7 levels of CFS panels

What once was an auto repair shop will now be a mixed-use residential space in the quickly developing old Jersey City neighborhood.

The Critical Path

The owner of the building understood the fundamental advantages of utilizing cold-formed steel on the project such as time savings, increased on-site safety, and material durability, but needed the guidance of an expert project management team to bring the building shell together successfully.

Advantages to Using Cold-Formed Steel

Ultimately, the development team at 134 Baldwin chose to integrate the All Steel Mid-Rise Load Bearing Structural Wall Panels to save time and improve overall project quality. The All Steel team’s dedication to expert project management and involvement in the design and engineering phase of the project meant that despite project changes the project was able to maintain the pre-construction schedule. Integrating All Steel Load Bearing Structural Wall Panels allows the project to exceed schedule for a quicker return on investment. Additionally, expedited speed in construction and reduced manpower needs contribute to cost savings during the construction phase.

The project is scheduled to be fully completed in October 2019.

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