202 Merseles
Jersey City, NJ
23,455 SQFT Load-bearing wall prefabricated panels and COMSLAB® decking
Height: 5 Stories

202 Merseles is located in the Journal Square neighborhood, a region undergoing a revitalization. 202 Merseles will be the newest luxury condominium community in the area convenient to local businesses, parks, and public transportation. The community’s modern design by New York City-based Scott Mahaffey Architects is unique amongst the neighboring communities’ pre-1945 architecture surrounding it.

The 23,455 square-foot  luxury condominiums consists of 16 condos, and on site parking. Spanning 5 stories, with floor to ceiling windows, the community is complete with views of Mary Benson Park and the Newark Avenue Business District.

The Critical Path

Due to the region's close proximity to Manhattan and ideal location for commuters, the small area has a high population of over 270,000. With additional construction projects nearby and the overall busy nature of the region, an innovative construction method, that could be erected quickly with minimal disruption to the surrounding neighborhood, including a school directly across the street was necessary. 

Developers sought out All Steel Mid-Rise for their complete guidance in cold-formed steel structural solutions and expertise in the mid-rise residential industry.

Load-bearing wall prefabricated panels along with COMSLAB decking for the floors and flat roof were an optimal solution for the project, allowing just in time delivery of materials, and speedy, safe construction.

Wall panels are prefabricated off-site in a controlled environment to ensure quality and allow for control of workflow and material deliveries to navigate through the typical difficulties that come with working in a congested construction area.

Advantages to Using Cold-Formed Steel

The COMSLAB® decking for the floors and flat roof provide the project with structural strength with less weight, all-weather construction, sound control and 2-3 hour unprotected fire ratings. Prefabricated wall panels allow for the entire system to be constructed off-site.

Off-site prefabrication significantly reduces the amount of on-site materials and allows for construction crews to work efficiently despite limited site laydown area. Reduction of materials also benefits overall project safety by reducing debris, manpower, equipment and waste.

Upon delivery to the site, panels are unloaded and installed in the order they are delivered, this method allows for entire shell building packages to be installed efficiently and quickly, thereby compressing the schedule and allowing for quicker occupancy.

The project is scheduled for completion in December of 2019.

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