500 Palisade
500 Palisade Ave Jersey City, NJ
37,161 SQ FT Timberless-55
Height: 6 Stories

In 2013, the Riverview Arts District was developed as an area to support and encourage artists, while also providing affordable housing for those working in the city, but unable to pay high New York City rents. As the burgeoning neighborhood has continued to grow with the arts as an economic driver, the need for housing and commercial space has also grown. 500 Palisade, a mixed-use space being developed in the heart of the district, is seeking to remedy the housing and commercial shortage while also contributing to the artist community leading the neighborhood revitalization.

Following community input, the project’s developer, Urban Square, worked with architects to design a 6-story space accompanied with 24 residential units, 2 commercial spaces, live/work areas for local artists, and a gallery space to showcase artwork. Once designs were approved by the community, Urban Square began the process of hiring a general contractor capable of completing the project safely, efficiently and on-time. Ultimately, Molfetta Corp., a progressive general contractor in the area, was selected to complete the project. To ensure quality, safety and on-time completion, Molfetta Corp. utilized innovative framing methods. By incorporating All Steel Mid-Rise’s cold-formed steel structural system, the general contractor was able to expedite building framing without compromising on design.

Mazzei of Molfetta Corp. states that “All Steel Mid-Rise systems speed up the on-site construction schedule, ensure better quality work and save money. For the past several years, we have been self-performing prefab steel stud wall systems with long-span composite floors, we use this product in lieu of steel joist products because it provides a stiffer floor and has a higher finished ceiling height.” The bar joist systems, he explains, have much deeper floor assemblies, which can result in the loss of headroom that renters and condo buyers look for. “The long span composite floor system can be done at the same price and, in most cases, lower than the joist systems, saving our clients money while providing them with a higher-quality structure in the end.”  In addition to speed of construction, quality of the build and flexibility in design support from the All Steel Mid-Rise was tantamount to a successfully completed project. Whereas disruptions to construction due to unforeseen circumstances is common, All Steel Mid-Rise works diligently to remedy issues without affecting project schedule.

During the course of install there was an issue with a trucking provider causing wall panels to be damaged in transit. The All Steel Mid-Rise team acted swiftly to replace these damaged panels, and place new panels in installation sequence without any impact to the project.

All Steel’s innovation in standard construction methods, exceptional customer service, and consistent quality control allowed for quick completion of the framing, thereby allowing follow-up trades sooner access to the project. 500 Palisade will begin selling the newly developed, high-end units in the fall of 2018.

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