6145 N Broadway
Chicago, IL
63,037 SQ FT Timberless-44
Height: 6 Stories

6145 N Broadway is a mixed-use residential building featuring 105 apartment units ranging from studios to two-bedrooms. The building’s first floor will house 3,700 square feet of retail space and 45 parking spaces. Situated within walking distance of the Loyola University Chicago campus in the Edgewater neighborhood, the project will begin accepting residents in summer 2020.

The Critical Path

Chicago’s demanding rental market means that developers need to work fast to get projects to completion without sacrificing quality to maintain tenant retention. As a booming city center, trucking logistics, crowded population areas, and limited on-site laydown all pose unique issues for developers, owners, and builders in the Chicago market. 6145 N Broadway’s construction and development team sought out an innovative solution to help minimize the risks of working in a compressed site area with limited accessibility, while also building quickly.

Advantages to Using Cold-Formed Steel

Utilizing the All Steel Mid-Rise Timberless-44 system and wall panels, the project team was able to construct a quality framing structure without disruption due to on-site conditions. Off-site prefabrication of the cold-formed steel framing structure allows for materials to be carefully constructed off-site, to then be transported for just-in-time on-site delivery. Materials are loaded for delivery in order of installation to add increased efficiency in the building process. Once materials have arrived on-site, they are unloaded and erected in order utilizing a crane. Furthermore, this installation method allows for installation to happen quicker than traditional framing methods with crews of 8 able to erect 6,000 SF per week on average.

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