Church + State
Cleveland, OH
190,000 SF of Timberless 44
11 Stories

(Updated July 2020)

Two underutilized surface parking lots are being transformed into a $60-million mixed-use development designed to provide 158 multigenerational apartment homes ranging from studios to three bedrooms and a retail hub of 20,000 square feet. Additionally, 10,000 square-feet of public gathering space will also provide family-friendly activities including a water feature, inspired by Cleveland’s Downtown Public Square, an amphitheater and a lighted playground. 

Church+State, located at the intersections of Church and State (now W. 29th) is designed to achieve LEED certification that will make the residential building the first multi-family residential LEED silver certified development on Cleveland’s west side. LEED certification is achieved through the use of conscious design materials and architecture to benefit occupant wellbeing. 

The Critical Path

The project’s developers, a collaborative team of Hemingway Development, GRAMMAR Properties, and Brent Zimmerman, sought unique materials to navigate project complexities, deliver unique design and achieve LEED certification. The project’s location in proximity to busy cityscapes allowed for limited laydown area, meaning material deliveries had to be coordinated for just-in-time. 

Designed by LDA Architects, the building’s design features a unique checkerboard balcony design on every other floor. To match design intent, an expert project management team with a background in complex mid-rise residential projects was essential for the job. 

Of utmost importance to the development team was the delivery of a LEED Silver residential building, materials were selected with quality in mind to ensure that LEED Credits were achieved based on USGBC standards.  

Advantages to Using Cold-Formed Steel

The developer selected the All Steel Mid-Rise Load Bearing Structural Wall Panels and Timberless-44 system to solve for the unique needs of the project while saving time, maintaining safe working conditions and generating long-term cost savings. 

Prefabrication of the system off-site to be delivered for just-in-time installation allows for complete load bearing systems to be installed on a compressed schedule, regardless of weather (for this project in particular a large portion of the enclosure has been erected in the winter), comparative to traditional framing methods. Off-site prefabrication of the system also greatly benefits overall construction site safety by reducing the amount of debris, manpower, waste and equipment on-site.

On average, the on-site installation team, OCP Contractors, is erecting 1,200 square feet of structural framing per working day. This compressed building schedule with less required labor allows for quicker occupancy to generate revenue sooner. The durable, lightweight system also saves on foundation and insurance costs. 

The All Steel Systems contribute 11 points in 7 LEED v 4.1 credit categories, helping the project team achieve the goal of LEED Silver Certification. 

The cold-formed steel framing of the project is scheduled to be fully completed in February of 2020, with final completion and occupancy of building one expected in May 2020. The second building will be complete in Fall of 2020.

Images Credit: Ken Krych of Properties Magazine

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