All Steel Mid-Rise wall and floor system packages are constructed of the highest quality products and services, guaranteed to meet the needs of any mid-rise project. All Steel offers panelized load bearing walls and 3 different types of floor systems to suit the needs and expectations of the individual project, and to maximize the performance of the structure. All of the Timberless Systems are non-combustible and lighter than traditional cast-in-place or block-and-plank construction. These systems require less overall materials in order to keep the weight of the building as light as possible to save on costs. Depending on the Timberless System, the building can achieve heights up to 12 stories or 180’ which is in compliance with the International Building Code (IBC). In addition, the Timberless Systems have superior sound and fire ratings, quality materials, and unmatched workmanship to provide a superior performing structure that will last well into the future.

Let's build for the future

For submittals, LEED documentation, test data, or additional technical information, contact All Steel Mid-Rise.