The Timberless-55 floor systems has significantly less weight than traditional/precast construction. The 55 system provides superior sound and structure qualities, while maximizing the design flexibility. Ideal for projects seeking a higher quality floor system, such as condominiums, the 55 system can achieve heights of up to 8 stories.


technical drawing of All Steel Mid-Rise Timberless 55 flooring system
  • Total System Weight of 55 lbs. psf.
  • Steel Rebar Reinforcement in 8” Flutes & Wire Mesh
  • Concrete Poured at Completion of Each Level
  • 14 ft. Mid Span Shoring
  • Quick Installation
  • Spans up to 30+ Feet
  • All Components Non-Combustible
  • Cantilever Balconies Possible
  • Less Concrete than Slab Construction
  • 45 lbs. lighter than traditional pour in place structures
  • 25 lbs. lighter than block and plank structures


Fire Rating

  • Fire Rating
  • UL D930 1 hr.
  • UL D504 2hr.

Sound Technical Data

  • STC 58 Naked Floor
  • IIC 68 with Carpet/Pad
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