Individual load-bearing wall panel systems designed to meet the specialized needs of each project. The prefabricated load-bearing wall panels are constructed of 6” load bearing studs, track, and permanent bridging and bracing. Typical packages includes the corridor, unit demising, and exterior panels which are used to spread out the loads of the floor system.

Exterior panels are assembled with exterior sheathing attached and can be upgraded to include wood bucks, brick backing plate, and air and vapor barrier choices. All panels are quality controlled and manufactured in the All Steel shop facility to ensure a just-in-time delivery. Furthermore, panels are loaded in the order in which they will be set in place on job location, therefore minimizing unnecessary pics and expediting installation at the job site.

Ideal for Mid-Rise project like:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Mixed-Use
  • Hospitality
  • Student Housing
  • Multi-Family


technical drawing of All Steel Mid-Rise cold formed steel wall panel


  • Constructed in a Quality Controlled Environment
  • Construction of Panels is not Weather Dependent
  • Expedites the Building Enclosure Phase of the Construction Process
  • Reduces On-Site Labor
  • Constructed with G-60 Materials
  • Coordinated with MEP’s
  • Non-Combustible and UL Approved
  • Just in Time Delivery Nationwide


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