All Steel Mid-Rise's innovative wall and floor framing systems constructed of Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) provide a lightweight, durable building shell package for a variety of sectors. Superior sound, fire ratings and structure quality separate All Steel's panelized wall and floor systems from industry competitors. Furthermore, All Steel's commitment to sustainable buildings provides clients with long-term sustainable development with uncompromising strength and durability.



  • Total System Weight of 33 lbs. psf.
  • No Shoring Required, Saving Time with Sub Trades
  • Gypcrete Poured Once Erected
  • Modified Balloon Framed Floor System Technology
  • Resilient Channels & Drywall Installed at Bottom of Joists for Controlled Sound
  • All Components Non-Combustible
  • Quick Installation


Fire Rating
  • UL G564 1 and 2 hr.
Sound Technical Data
  • STC 58 with Carpet/Pad
  • IIC 79 with Carpet/Pad
Timberless-33 Floor System Technical Data



  • Total System Weight of 44 lbs. psf.
  • Concrete Poured After Completion of Each Level
  • No Shoring Required, Saving Time with Sub Trades
  • Hat Channels & Drywall Installed at Bottom of Joists for Controlled Sound
  • All Components Non-Combustible
  • Quick Installation
  • Spans up to 30+ Feet
  • Cantilever Balconies


Fire Rating
  • UL I525 1 and 2 hr.
  • UL G-555
Sound Technical Data
  • STC 57 with Carpet/Pad
  • IIC 77 with Carpet/Pad

Timberless-44 Floor System Technical Data



  • Total System Weight of 55 lbs. psf.
  • Steel Rebar Reinforcement in 8” Flutes & Wire Mesh
  • Concrete Poured at Completion of Each Level
  • 14 ft. Mid Span Shoring
  • Quick Installation
  • Spans up to 30+ Feet
  • All Components Non-Combustible
  • Cantilever Balconies Possible
  • Less Concrete than Slab Construction
  • 45 lbs. lighter than traditional pour in place structures
  • 25 lbs. lighter than block and plank structures


Fire Rating
  • UL D930 1 hr.
  • UL D504 2hr.
Sound Technical Data
  • STC 58 Naked Floor
  • IIC 68 with Carpet/Pad
Timberless-55 Floor System Technical Data



  • Constructed in a Quality Controlled Environment
  • Construction of Panels is not Weather Dependent
  • Expedites the Building Enclosure Phase of the Construction Process
  • Reduces On-Site Labor
  • Constructed with G-60 Materials
  • Coordinated with MEP’s
  • Non-Combustible and UL Approved
  • Just in Time Delivery Nationwide

All Steel Wall Panel Technical Image


Steel, one of the world’s most sustainable construction materials, can be endlessly recycled without losing quality. This coupled with its strength and durability, make it truly compatible with long-term sustainable development.

Each year, more steel by weight is recycled in North America than paper, plastic, aluminum and glass, combined. In 2012 alone, 88 million tons of steel were recycled in North America.

  • Recycling steel saves the energy equivalent to power 20 million homes for one year.
  • Today, 97 percent of steel by‐products are re‐used.
  • Steel is the only true cradle‐to‐cradle building material as it can be continuously recycled without any quality loss. All Steel Mid-Rise systems are made with 90% recycled content materials.
  • Steel is durable and inert, and will not rot or house pests. Coated cold‐formed steel (CFS) has built‐in corrosion resistance that lasts hundreds of years and does not require maintenance or replacement.
  • Steel produces little to no construction waste, unlike other structural materials. All Steel Mid-Rise systems are delivered to building sites ready for installation.

CFS is recognized in all major green building standards and rating programs, including the National Green Building Standard (ICC-700) for residential buildings, ASHRAE Standard 189.1 for commercial construction, the International Green Construction Code (IgCC), and the US Green Building Council’s LEED program, which covers all types of buildings.

All Steel Systems may provide 11 points in 7 LEED v4 Credits.

Let's build for the future

For submittals, LEED documentation, test data, or additional technical information, contact All Steel Mid-Rise.